Karaoke like songs, just for fun. Nothing serious. I just love singing and music.


"What if I inspire others to sing and live without limitations? That would be awesome "

If I had to choose among 25 songs in a CD and "sing them", I would have to rehearse them so much, but lets say that I kind of make it sound decent. They will be this ones :

1. Just the way it looks tonight (US)
2. Better be home soon (New Zealand)
3. Tus viejas cartas (Argentina)
4. Quand on n'a que l'amour (Belgium)
5. Pio Poli (Cyprus)
6. Creep (UK)
7. Así como hoy (Puerto Rico)
8. Il mare calmo della sera (Italia)
9. Flor de lis (Brazil)
10. Cancion para mi muerte (Argentina)
11. Cabane du pecheur (France)
12. Amor del bueno (Mexico)
14. Stand by me (US)
15. Todo a pulmon (Spain)
16. Stand by me(US)
17. Que será (México)
18. Inevitable (Colombia)
19. Como la cigarra (Argentina)
20. La cancion (Cuba)
21. Separated Lives (US)
21. and a bonus track :D (off course), Así es la vida (Nicaragua).

and the CD would sound like this Click to hear SoundCloud